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About this Site  

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As one of LINCS Special Collections, the Literacy and Learning Disabilities web site aims to provide a single point of access to information on LD issues important to:
  • adults with learning disabilities and their families
  • adult education teachers and tutors
  • staff: Human Services, Vocational Rehabilitation, One-Stop
  • employers
About Us

Content Developers
This Literacy and Learning Disability Special Collection is created, compiled and updated by content development partners at the Center for Literacy Studies, the University of Tennessee. Aaron Kohring coordinates this project.

Mary Beth Bingman, Director of the Project
Beth Bingman has been at the Center since 1989. Her work has included research, staff development, writing and editing, evaluation of family literacy projects, and curriculum development. She currently serves as an Associate Director and coordinator of the Center's partnership with the National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy.

She has wide experience as an educator in a variety of settings -- as a preschool teacher, an elementary resource teacher, a volunteer literacy tutor, on the staff of a peace education center, as county coordinator of a community college adult literacy project, and as adjunct faculty at the university. She also has done extensive work with community organizations and advocacy groups. Beth completed her PhD in adult education at The University of Tennessee in 1994, with her dissertation Appalachian Women Learning in Community. She lives with her family on a farm in Dungannon, Virginia.

Aaron Kohring
Aaron coordinates the LINCS Literacy and Learning Disabilities Special Collection for the National Institute for Literacy. He has worked at the Center for Literacy Studies since 1999. His work has included research and professional development trainings for the Equipped for the Future Center (EFF Center) in areas such as standards-based education, industry-specific curricula (Retail Sales & Customer Service and Health Care), and products/tools for teaching, learning and assessment. Aaron also coordinates the website for the EFF Center.

Aaron has previous experience with teaching in a variety of settings - one-on-one tutoring, ABE, GED, and ESOL. He has also done research and gained further experience while attending the University of Tennessee in the areas of learning disabilities, reading, and ESOL teaching and assessing. Aaron is familiar with several of the teaching models/programs used with adults with learning disabilities.

Angela Rivera, Computer Information Specialist
Angela designs and maintaines all of the websites that are hosted by the Center for Literacy Studies.

Core Knowledge Group

The Special Collection was pleased to have had the advice and assistance of members of a Core Knowledge Group, an advisory committee of individuals who have significant expertise in learning disabilities. The group consisted of adult educators, adult learners, and researchers in the field of literacy and learning disabilities.

Site Selection Criteria

In addition to the General LINCS Selection Criteria, materials that are included in the Literacy and Learning Disabilities Special Collection are chosen according to the following guidelines.

Goals: As a LINCS Special Collection, the Literacy and Learning Disabilities web site aims to provide a single point of access to quality, research based information on Literacy and Learning Disabilities for the following audiences.


  • adult education practitioners (supervisors, teachers and tutors)
  • adults with learning disabilities and their families
  • Service Providers, e.g. Human Services, Vocational Rehabilitation, Career Centers
  • Employers

Specific Selection Criteria:


  • The site/material must be relevant to the Literacy and LD Special Collection.
  • The site/material must be reflective of current research.
  • The site/material should have lasting value.
  • Older materials with proven value to the field may be included.


  • The site/material must be readily accessible, understandable, and useful to the intended audiences.

The information and links on this site are provided for the user’s information and convenience. When a commercial or semi-commercial site is listed, it will be designated as such by the icon Neither the Center for Literacy Studies, The University of Tennessee, nor the National Institute for Literacy endorses any method, curriculum, treatment program, etc. for individuals with learning disabilities.

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