Literacy and Learning Disabilities - HELP  
  Note: the information below will be replaced in the final version with a help page just for the LD site.

You are exploring the Literacy Information aNd Communication System (LINCS), and you have indicated that you want help. The topics listed above -- Navigation and Resources -- are the divisions of this help text. Follow either of those links for help on using LINCS.

Note: All of the demonstration links that follow below will load into a pop-up window that will move to the front of your screen. You may adjust the size of this window to fit your screen, or reduce it to keep this help page in view. If you do not see this help page after a pop-up window launches, minimize or reduce the size of the pop-up window.

Navigating LINCS
The System includes five primary Web sites that are color coded to tell you where you are in the system. The National LINCS site and other pages from National LINCS are red and purple. IF you have come to a page from one of the other partners -- Eastern LINCS (teal), Southern LINCS(yellow), Midwest LINCS (orange), Western/Pacific LINCS (green), or Northwest LINCS (purple) (You may go back and forth between all of the sites by clicking on the BACK and FORWARD buttons in the pop-up window after you have visited all of the regions.)

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