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Living with LD

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Are you-or someone close to you-living with a learning disability?
Here are true stories and tips from other adults who also live with LD.

Managing a learning disability throughout your life: Expert advice on how to succeed at work, relationships, parenting, and more.

Successful People with Learning Disabilities and ADHD
People with LD who succeed have to first "find out what works" for them. Read the stories of people in many different fields who have done just that.

Real world LD: Adults speak out about living and working with LD
In this article, LD News spoke with adults with diagnosed learning disabilities about the effects of those disabilities on their lives at home and at work.

Living with Siblings with Learning Disabilities
In this article, Shirley Kurnoff discusses her book "The Human Side of Dyslexia". Included in the article are excerpts from the book which reveal some of her findings on the relationships between siblings when one of them suffers from dyslexia. These findings reflect how the relationships between the children effect the entire family and includes tips for parents to support all their children, learning disabled and otherwise.

Life Stories of Adults with LD
Read about struggles, successes, and tips for living with learning disabilities.

Archie Willard - Learning Disability Homepage
This site contains Archie Willard's life story about his struggles with dyslexia as well as links to information and resources to help others with learning disabilities.

"Hello Friend" was the way Ennis Cosby greeted people. After his death, this website was created to carry out his dream of helping others who, like Ennis, had learning disabilities. He believed every person could achieve.

What are the issues facing ADULTS with LD? Articles on employment, social skills, self advocacy, use of technology, and many other topics. Dialogue with Dale. Dale S. Brown, a national expert on adults with LD (who has severe learning disabilities herself) hosts this column where she answers questions from adults and teenagers with learning disabilities. Topics include: choosing a career, being productive on the job, staying organized, dealing with discrimination, and making friends.

Dealing with Learning Disabilities in Relationships
Great tips for dealing with the difficulties that can be experienced by persons with learning disabilities and their partners in personal relationships.

It's about more than learning: How learning disabilities affect social skills and relationships
This article discusses the difficulties with social interactions faced by many individuals with learning disabilities.

For more information on improving social skills, click here.

LD resources: Articles overview
This listing of resources on learning disabilities includes individual's stories and essays, links to information on assistive technology, schools and more.

What are the Positive Consequences Associated with Being Learning Disabled?
Part of a statewide web-based training program, "Bridges to Practice: Florida 's Focus on Adults with Learning Disabilities".

Find out about the special ABILITIES of people with dyslexia

Secrets of Success from university graduates who have LD

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